Chez Gabriela Studio - Beverly Hills

Devoted to the art of natural skin care, Gabriela Perez has developed a personal style of beauty care treatments that through many years of successful practice has defined her as a leading esthetician in the beauty care world.
Gabriela's private "Chez Gabriela" villa-studio, located in Beverly Hills, has given to all clients, from superstars to normal people, the privacy needed for their own comfort and maximum relaxation since 1986.

"Gabriela is my favorite ass kicking facialist, she is the Michelangelo of skin care!...& the ONE PRODUCT I WILL NOT B WITHOUT.... "GABY's GOMMAGE" That's a Deal breaker 4 me ! "- Cher

Amber Valletta, SuperModel
"The philosophy of Gabriela is just one: reach skin perfection..."
- Amber Valletta

"Gabriela has been in my life for the past eight years and visting her is often the highlight of a very grueling week. Her studio is a private little haven, a womb, a retreat.
How long is each appointment? As long as it takes to send you on your way feeling rejuvenated and good about yourself.
I work in a young, competitive business and spend endless hours on long-distance flights, but I have often been approached by people far younger than I, who ask what I do to keep my skin so fresh and smooth. Geneteics can only take you so far. Gabriela takes you the rest of the way.
Her products are extraordinary and her technique both nurturing and very assured. I've had facials literally all over the world and never have I met a pair of hands more expert. Gabriela is part scientist, part therapist and every bit an artist.
- Hilary Clark, VP, 20th Century Fox


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